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Give your application letter a boost with these tips! Let your enthusiasm and unique self shine through and show why you are the ideal candidate. Good luck and rock that application!

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  1. Start with a bang!
    Grab the reader's attention immediately with a catchy opening that shows your enthusiasm.
  2. Be yourself
    Let your personality shine through in the letter. A little humor or a personal touch can do wonders!
  3. Show your match
    Show why you are a perfect fit for the position and the company. Show that you are the missing piece of the puzzle.
  4. Short but strong
    Keep it concise and to the point. Nobody likes lengthy letters!
  5. Show off your skills
    Highlight your skills and achievements. Show what you've got!
  6. Show your passion
    Show that you are passionate about the position and the field. True passion is contagious!
  7. No cutting and pasting work
    Avoid simply copying your resume. Tell stories and give examples that bring your experiences to life.
  8. Be positive
    Focus on your strengths and positive experiences. Positivity radiates in your letter!
  9. Keep it professional
    Lighthearted does not mean unprofessional. Make sure the letter is still well structured and neat.
  10. End with a bang!
    Conclude with an enthusiastic conclusion that emphasizes your motivation. Make sure they can't get around you!

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